AVIJIT SINHA of Indian origin is a full time teacher,invester,swing trader and a sound optionist. Born in Kolkata,West Bengal, Avijit Sinha developed interest in investing in his mid years at around 30. Sinha went to Krishnapur Adarshya Vidyamandir and graduated from Calcutta University in 1999. Sinha started studying for competitive exams but lost interest and at the same time used to do part time teaching for almost 13years in subjects like maths,science,geography and history.

Sinha joined the stock market just as a lay man without any interest or knowledge, and for joining the market his friends played the cupid between him and the Market. After joining the market he found a tremendous feeling of great interest and felt to gather sound knowledge. He felt the market can bring him not only his bread and butter but also his livelihood.

Avijit started gathering knowledge about market since 2008 and continued to study hard for about 6 long years and still continuing. Sinha started realising the mistakes made by him without knowledge and slowly was becoming a more knowledgeable person and turning his loses into profits. He found himself more appropriate than the experience of 20years without knowledge. He started analysing, money management and slowly developed himself into a full time trader and earned almost 22% of his capital every month. This continued for 2015.In the meantime Avijit started teaching on Stock Market from 2012 and still continuing. Slowly his fame rose and he earned more students and dropped his habit of full intraday trading. He created his own institution for teaching and named “MARKET VISION”. He also provided call service job. He also is a NISM certificate holder. He is now a investor and a swing trader.

Avijit Sinha has a deep knowledge in Technical Analysis. He gathered a vast tit-bits of Technical analysis. His observation and prediction about the market is sound .He teaches with grace and is cordial in every aspect.
According to Sinha to develop day trading and position trading into an art form where consistency should be order of the day and money can be made at will.Sinha believes tradindg without knowledge is driving a car without a break. He strongly believes in the key word DISCIPLINE & CONSISTENCY.